Ring in the New Year with Mochi Pounding at Japan Centre!

New Year Mochi Tsuki & Kagami Biraki

New Year is one of the most important celebrations in Japan, and as such there are many fantastic traditions associated with it (not to mention delicious food!) On January 2nd from 12 noon join us at Japan Centre Piccadilly for two fantastic free events all in the name of a Happy New Year!

Sake Ceremony [Kagami Biraki]

Kagami Biraki Sake Cask Opening

You might think anything that involves hitting stuff and alcohol was an accident waiting to happen, but the Kagami Biraki sake ceremony is popular at special occasions across Japan such as New Year without a whiff of touble (mostly). Kagami Biraki means ‘opening the mirror’ in Japanese and can refers to breaking open the lid (mirror) of a large ceremonial cask of sake with several wooden mallets while everyone shouts an encouraging “Yoisho!”

Arrive for 12 noon and watch as we smash open our gigantic sake barrel and serve free, royal warrant Gekkeikan sake to all as we ‘kampai’ in the New Year!

When: Thursday 2nd January 2014 | 12:00

Mochi Pounding [Mochi Tsuki]

Fresh Mochi, yum!

You might think of mochi as a delicious sweet treat, but have you ever wondered how the rice gets so chewy and delicious? Yep, more hammers and mallets. Visit Japan Centre at 12:30 on January 2nd and see how it’s done the old fashioned way, using a giant hammer and a huge mortar! Traditional mochi making requires considerable feats of strength and nimble fingers, one person hammers down on the mochi while another person adds water and flips the mochi over in between pounding to stop it from sticking. It’s a real sight to see, with the added frisson of danger from potential squashed hands!

After the sake ceremony at 12:30 we will begin to pound the mochi and once prepared serve free anko red bean-filled mochi to all those in store.

When: Thursday 2nd January 2014 | 12:30 – 14:00

See you there!

A great day out for all the family, we look forward to seeing you all at Japan Centre on the 2nd for these two unique, loud and fun, free New Year events!