Bigger and Better Rice Subscription! Never Forget Your Rice Again!


Always find yourself trudging back from the shops with heavy bags of rice? Forget to buy rice in the first place? We’ve all been there, I’m sure. Well, worry no more – has launched a new service aimed at taking the stress away from the monthly trip to the shops for U.K. mainland customers.

The idea is to order a 6-month subscription to a bag of rice, and we’ll take care of the work and send you your rice at the same time every month! Plus, by participating, you’ll save on a whole bag of rice! Couldn’t be better, right? Wrong! We’ll throw in FREE SHIPPING as well which means that altogether, you are going to save more than £50!

Please pay attention to the Terms and Conditions after the jump.

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Terms and Conditions
  • To be eligible for this service, you must be a UK Mainland resident.
  • All deliveries will be sent by courier service with tracking option. If your delivery address is within London, Japan Centre driver will deliver to you.
  • Postage is free provided that you subscribe for the whole 6 months.
  • When ordering the monthly rice subscriptions, please understand that no other items may be added to the same order.
  • If other items are required, please make a separate order and understand that no other items are eligible for a monthly delivery service. Rice subscription deliveries are for rice subscriptions only.
  • Payment is taken for the entire 6-month period at once when this service is ordered.
  • If cancelled midway, refunds are calculated by subtracting the full price of the individual rice bags already received and postage at £4.99 per delivery times number of delivery sent from the original total amount. Please also be aware that there is a £0.50 handling fee when refunding.
  • Please note that to be eligible for this offer you must have a account and orders must be completed on our website.

お米を1ヶ月に1回定期的にお届けする「お米定期便」のご案内です。6か月分のお米(6袋)を一括でご注文いただくことで、6袋のうち1袋分が 無料、しかも送料は全て無料とさせていただきます。定期的にお米が届いて、£50以上もお金をセーブするチャンス! 是非ご利用ください!!

・途中解約の場合、配達済み分のお米のお代金と、送料を定価(送料定価は£4.99/ 配達)にて計算し、最初にお支払いいただいた金額との差額分を返金させていただきます。不足が発生した場合は、不足金額を課金させていただきます。また手続き料として£0.50いただきます。