New Sushi and Sake Bar @ Westfield Stratford

westfield sushi and sake bar

Join us at Westfield Stratford City at our newly opened Sushi & Sake Bar. Refresh after a day’s shopping at Westfield with low-fat, omega 3-rich sushi, piping hot crunchy tempura and a cup of crisp sake. umai by Japan Centre’s new Sushi & Sake Bar is a fantastic new addition to our east-end store, with budget concious prices and a relaxed izakaya bar environment.

Fresh sushi, bespoke experience 

Even with the best ingredients, you simply can’t have the best sushi if it is not as fresh as it can possibly be. It’s so simple – the best sushi is the freshest sushi! Unlike regular sushi bars, Japan Centre’s Sushi & Sake Bar offers customers the rare opportunity to watch the chef prepare the sushi right in front of them. The exclusive bar contains only 6 seats, allowing a small number of select customers to get a bespoke culinary experience and provides the opportunity to get involved by asking the chef questions as he prepares the food.

wsc bar_01

Perfect pick-me-up

Daily from 11am – 4pm, the Sushi & Sake Bar will serve a range of fresh, delicious and made by hand, hot and cold food – perfect for a light shopping snack or a meal. An exciting section of the menu is Japanese Tapas, a selection of small plates ranging from £3.50 – £6.50, including Fresh Tofu, Beef Tataki and Ocean Salad – ideal for sharing or just to try something new.

The Sushi & Sake Bar offers a range of the freshest sashimi, nirigi and maki, created using expertly cut raw fish by professional sushi chefs. Also on the menu is tempura – assorted vegetables and prawns in a light crispy batter. Being a tempura specialist, Japan Centre prides itself on consistently serving up the crispiest, yet lightest tempura possible.


If sushi isn’t for you, Japan Centre’s Sushi & Sake Bar offers plenty of tasty alternatives, from rice dishes to ramen – including the ever popular Chicken Katsu Curry and Miso Ramen. An exciting addition to the menu is Chilled Noodles, Japan’s popular summer noodles with a cool bonito (fish) sauce – perfect after a long day shopping.

wsc tonkotsu ramen
So, whether you are craving incredibly fresh sushi, want to see first-hand the techniques for making the best sushi or just want to relax and try some sake while you rest your feet from shopping – drop by Japan Centre’s Sushi & Sake Bar for a unique and exclusive experience!

umai by Japan Centre’s Sushi & Sake Bar is open 11:00 – 16:00 daily at umai, Westfield Stratford City LGF. Find us here.