Director Sono’s films up for grabs
To mark the release of ‘Himizu’ [ヒミズ], the 68th Venice Film Festival Marcello Mastroianni Award-winning Japanese film in UK cinemas, Japan Centre is running a competition in conjunction with Third Windows Films for you to be in with a chance of winning two DVDs from Himizu master-director Sion Sono. We’ve got 2 sets of his 4-hour epic Love Exposure and chilling thriller Cold Fish up for grabs, for more information on how to enter please see below.
The Japanese KitKat is a wonderful and marvellous thing. Known throughout the world for their unusual and sheer range of flavours, these little chocolate biscuit beauties are now available exclusively online at! With 4 flavours to choose from, Japan Centre knows that there are few harder decisions in life than which to try, so we’re going to give you a little helping hand in your decision-making and provide you with an in-depth flavour analysis comparison for KitKat connoisseurs everywhere!
It’s that time again; long weekends, parties on the streets and much merriment in the name of a woman that most of us have never even met! This June sees the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of England and all of  its realms and marks the incredible 60 year milestone of her sovereignty. And we aren’t the only nation to go crazy over our monarchs, in fact Japan celebrates their Emperor’s birthday every year on December 21st, where people crowd around the Japanese Imperial Palace hoping to catch a glimpse of the man himself giving a cheery little wave. We love both rulers at Japan Centre but were beginning to wonder if we had to choose, which one do we prefer? Who is more badass? Which one do we think would win in a fight?

Celebrating the Olympic Games with a marathon of its own, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre will present all thirty-seven Shakespeare plays, each performed by a different theatre company, in a different language, over six exciting weeks.
Japan Centre customers are able to witness this amazing linguistic event as The Globe have been kind enough to let our customers enjoy the breathtaking Japanese language performance of Coriolanus for a fraction of the price.