Make Your Own Origami Candy Box

Keep Your Candy Safe From Prying Eyes & Itchy Fingers!
Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding and has been a popular hobby and art form for centuries. The complexities of some designs that are made from just a single sheet of square paper are absolutely mind bending, not to mention beautifully elegant. If you are interested in origami and want to try making some yourself, read our Japan Centre guide to making a very cute box, perfect for a small gift or to keep your precious snacks and candy safe!

Step 1

Start with a square piece of origami paper. You can use plain or patterned paper here, we decided to go for a beautiful Japanese style design. Place the paper with the pattern face down before we start folding.

Step 2

Place the paper face down in front of you in a diamond shape with one corner pointing towards you. Fold the paper in half and unfold, then fold in half the other direction and unfold again so that you are left with what’s called a ‘mountain fold’ separating the paper into four equally sized square shapes.

Step 3

Using the newly created mountain fold as a guide, fold each corner towards the centre of the paper so that you are left with a square half the size of our original paper. Make sure that these folds are as precise as possible so that the finished box is perfect.

Step 4

Open up two opposite halves of the corners we just folded in and leave the other two corners as they are.

Step 5

With the opened corners pointing to the left and right, fold the top and bottom edges over towards the centre. You should end up with a long pattern with open ends on either side.

Step 6

This is a tricky step so pay attention. Keep the folded paper horizontally in front of you and then fold the right side up at a 90º angle so that the base of the triangle is level with the top of the paper. Now unfold and do the same thing but folding the paper down instead. Repeat this on the left side of the paper too.

Step 7

Open up the flaps in the centre of the paper and using the creases that we created in step 6, fold the end of the paper into the centre.

Step 8

Keep the paper pulled tight and tuck the flap into the centre of what has started to take shape as your box. Make sure all creases and folds are pressed fully to keep the box secure.

Step 9

Repeat the same action with the other side of your paper and you have finished your very own origami box! Well, half of it anyway… you will need to create another box like this for the lid to complete the full box.

What Can I Make Next?

The best thing about origami is that you really can make anything… only your imagination is the limit!

Japan Centre has a range of origami paper and guide books so that you can continue making these amazing art pieces. Hopefully soon you will become a master of origami… just don’t forget to invite us to your first exhibition! 🙂

Origami at Japan Centre Online

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