Christmas Gift Sets Available at Japan Centre Online

Are you struggling to find unique gifts for your family and friends this Christmas? Worried that soon you might have to start resorting to socks and undies? Get yourself over to the Japan Centre website this festive season to find awesome Japanese themed gift ideas. From gift sets of popular Japanese sweets and snacks for the young ones to fine bottles of authentic Japanese sake for the more mature,  we have something for everyone.

So What Sets Are Available?

Pop Culture SetSushi Kit
All the ingredients you need to make fresh, delicious sushi in the comfort of your own home. Just add your favourite fish or  other fillings or toppings and you’re away! Sushi parties are strongly encouraged!

Pop Culture SetPop Culture Set
A gift set featuring the most popular Japanese snacks from manga, anime and Japanese convenience stores! Perfect for those who love manga and anime and as well as the more experienced Japan traveller!

okonomiyaki • Let’s Cook! Okonomiyaki Kit
Includes all of the hard to get authentic Japanese ingredients to make yummy Okonomiyaki. We’ve also included a pack of Yakisoba noodles so you can make either Kansai or Hiroshima styles! Includes recipe!

takoyakiset • Let’s Cook! Takoyaki Kit
Takoyaki is THE Japanese festival food and you too can whip up a batch with this set which includes authentic Japanese ingredients and specialist Takoyaki pan, the only way to make them authentically. Includes recipe!

ramenset • Ramen Lovers Kit
Everything you need to make and eat ramen like a pro! Either try your hand at making your own, or make it easy and simply prepare the instant packs that we’ve included with bowl, ramen spoon and chopsticks!

bentosetSuper Cute Bento Lunch Kit
A fun kit for preparing your own cute bento lunch boxes to take to school or work. Bento are great as you can make them as healthy as you want as you will always know what is going in it! Includes cute red bento box, chopsticks, animal shaped food picks and more!

cupboard • Japanese Cooking Essentials
All the essential cooking ingredients for making authentic Japanese food at home including cooking sauces, seasonings and rice. From teriyaki to sushi, the possibilities are endless! Perfect to keep in your cupboard for when you need them.

misofinal • Home Made Miso Soup Kit
See just how simple it is to create your own great tasting, healthy miso soup with this set. Miso soup is a great side dish to any Japanese meal. Packed with authentic Japanese ingredients, miso bowl and chopsticks!

healthset2 Japanese Health-Up! Set
A set packed with healthy Japanese food, snacks and drinks to help detox after the inevitable Christmas binge. Many of these items are zero-calorie and have benefits such as lowering cholesterol and blood pressure!

pinksakefuroshikiFruity Beauty Fruit Liqueur Set
A beautiful furoshiki wrapped set of two bottles of Japanese fruit liqueur, plum and peach, to help you get merry with Japanese style. Comes with instructions on how to wrap the furoshiki too!

clearcloudyfuroshikiset • Clear & Cloudy Sake Set
Get the best of both worlds with a bottle each of clear, smooth tasting sake and an unfiltered cloudy nigori sake. This gives you a chance to experience two very different, but equally delicious sake varieties. Comes with instructions on how to wrap the furoshiki too!

sencha-copyJapanese Tea Break Set – Sencha
Have a relaxing afternoon with some authentic healthy sencha green tea from a cannister and a bite on a matcha green tea flavoured yokan jelly cake, just like the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

ceremonialCeremonial Matcha Green Tea Set
A high quality matcha tea set with everything to create your own tea ceremony at home. Includes a tea cup, matcha whisk and authentic bamboo spoon. All you need are some close friends to share the experience with!

ochoko2 • Sake Serving Set – Calligraphy Pattern
A seriously cool looking sake set with 4 cups and an serving bottle. Coloured in black with a dramatic Japanese calligraphy style character painted on each piece. Looks equally beautiful as a display piece too!

ochokoset • Complete Sake Set for Two
Enjoy high quality Gekkeikan Japanese sake served in authentic cups. A perfect way for 2 to relax over the Christmas period in Japanese style. We recommend it served warm on a cold winters night!

So spare yourself and your friends the pain and disappointment of never-to-be-worn undergarments this Christmas and check out the Japan Centre website.