EVENT: Free Sake Tasting at Japan Centre Regent Street – 13th Oct

Are you intrigued by the elegance of traditional Japanese sake rice wine? Perhaps the tantalizing packaging and exotic names have sucked you in to the grasp of the sake goddesses, forever to hold you a slave to the delicate, but robust flavour sensations? Or maybe you just had some sake from Japan Centre before and like the taste?
Whatever the reason, sake is becoming a hugely popular drink all over the world, whether it is drunk warm in a traditional Japanese sake cup, or mixed with orange juice to make a modern take on the screwdriver cocktail – the sakedriver!

Free Sake?

If you have never tried sake before, or you just want to expand your sake horizons, come and try some sake for free at Japan Centre Regent Street this Thursday 13th October 2011.

WHERE: Japan Centre, Regent Street, London
WHEN: 3pm to 6pm

We will have a great selection of sake rice wines from Akita prefecture. Did you know that Akita is known for two things – beautiful women and perfect rice! Akita is one of the most well known rice growing areas because of its clear water, fertile land and great weather. The range in temperatures between morning and night enables rice farmers to produce a premium quality rice, which makes it ideal for creating the best quality sake. Japan Centre will have the following sake available for free tasting:

• Lady Chic Junmai Genshu
• Akinota Junmai Ginjo
• Namacho Namachozoshu
• Hideyoshi Umeshu Plum Wine

We look forward to seeing you at Japan Centre on Thursday!