If you were like us, you watched the latest series of Masterchef 2011 earlier this year with baited breath… who would be crowned the winner with the best cooking skills?
We were extremely pleased when the winner was announced as Tim Anderson, a young chef who created an amazing fusion of Japanese and western dishes such as monkfish liver served with umeboshi ketchup, jellied ponzu and matcha mayonnaise and Kyushu style pork ramen with truffled lobster! We always knew that Japanese cooking was the best! 🙂
Read on for the full interview and details of our latest competition!
COMPETITION: Win the latest CD from Pink Martini & Saori Yuki!
Pink Martini is a 12 piece outfit that play a concoction of classical, jazz and pop music with influences drawn from all over the world. With a recent partnership with Saori Yuki, one of the most beautiful voices in traditional Japanese music, Pink Martini have just released their latest album, 1969. They are currently touring Europe with a show held the other day at the Royal Albert Hall on Monday 17th Oct… you may have seen us forcing tickets on you through Facebook in our hasty competition on Monday! 🙂
Japan Centre has some great new friends over at EMI Records who have given us 3 copies of the latest album. As much as I would like to keep them, I know that you guys will enjoy them more, so we are giving them away to 3 lucky winners of our competition! Read on for more details of our latest competition.

Japan Centre has been growing over the last few years and our range of products and services now encompasse a wide spectrum of Japanese awesomeness!
We are a family run business that specialise in bringing you the best quality Japanese food. Japan Centre operates a Japanese food hall, an authentic restaurant and a chain of deliciously Japanese sushi and deli stores. Of course, we also have an online shop where you can buy all your favourite Japanese foods and have them delivered straight to your door.
Are you intrigued by the elegance of traditional Japanese sake rice wine? Perhaps the tantalizing packaging and exotic names have sucked you in to the grasp of the sake goddesses, forever to hold you a slave to the delicate, but robust flavour sensations? Or maybe you just had some sake from Japan Centre before and like the taste?
Whatever the reason, sake is becoming a hugely popular drink all over the world, whether it is drunk warm in a traditional Japanese sake cup, or mixed with orange juice to make a modern take on the screwdriver cocktail – the sakedriver!