UPDATE: Offer Extended to Sunday 4th September. There is still a chance to get one!
As part of our Japan Centre 35th Anniversary Festival Promotion, we have some fantastic eco-friendly tote bags to give away to customers who spend over £20 shopping online at Japan Centre. Each bag is 100% eco-friendly and comes with a cool Japanese style design to mark our anniversary, perfect for your next trip to Japan Centre!
Please read the terms below to make sure that your order qualifies to receive one of these eco bags.


If you like Japanese manga and anime, then you will know that Osamu Tezuka, the “God of manga”, was one of the early pioneers of this exciting Japanese art form. Astro Boy, perhaps his most well known manga has been hugely popular in Japan since its inception in 1952 and often cited as the character that bought manga and anime to the mainstream. It is so popular that Astro Boy was even made into a computer animated Hollywood film in 2009!


Another week, another great competition! To continue with our Japanese film and theatre prizes, this week we have a wonderful opportunity for two Japan Centre fans to win a pair of tickets to see ‘Villain’, a Japanese crime thriller that critics are calling the “best Japanese film of 2010”!
Read on for details of the film and how to enter the competition.


In every popular cuisine, there are three essential ingredients that make up the holy trinity, the cornerstone of flavours that give that classic, instantly recognisable taste. In Japanese food these three main ingredients are soy sauce, dashi & mirin.
By combining these three sauces together, you can season many Japanese dishes with that quintessential Japanese flavour. So whether you are making chicken teriyaki, hot-pots, Japanese style omelettes or even noodle soup, learning how to use these ingredients together is the first step to creating delicious Japanese food. Read on for Japan Centre‘s guide to the holy trinity of Japanese cooking.