Japan Centre Donations for the Japan Earthquake Recovery: UPDATE



We have still been receiving donations over the last few weeks and have reached a new total of £26,093.17. This is a fantastic sum to reach so thank you so much to everybody who has so generously donated through Japan Centre to such a good cause.



The total amount we received for donations for the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami appeal has reached a massive £23,462.67. Everything we have received has been sent to Japan with the British Red Cross.

Thank you again for being so generous, we are happy that the customers at Japan Centre are so quick to help with this cause.


Japan Centre really has some very generous customers!

We have received a total of £18,262.67 in donations from everyone since the earthquake and tsunami disaster that hit Japan on March 11th. The total raised just from online customers was £5,530, a £5,000 donation from Japan Centre as a company and the rest was collected from donation boxes placed in our shops.

This is a fantastic amount and we will be sending to Japan through the Red Cross to reach the people who need it the most.

Thank you again for all you support.