Two Delicious New Sushi Rolls at umai Japan Centre


I love sushi, and always like to see new and exciting ingredients being used to create great tasting sushi.
Luckily, somebody very special at umai by Japan Centre has excellent taste in ingredients and has come up with two new sushi rolls that are guaranteed to tickle your tastebuds!

Seven Spice Chicken Kara-age Roll

This sushi roll is made with chicken kara-age and a traditional Japanese chilli seasoning called “shichimi” that contains seven spices to create a perfect blend of flavours. Combined with the seasoned flavour of chicken kara-age, this slightly spicy inside-out uramaki roll is already one of my favourites!

Philadelphia Roll

A Philadelphia Roll is a recent sushi invention made by combining smoked salmon and cream cheese. These unconventional fillings make a great tasting sushi when mixed with avocado.


We even had some free tasting at Japan Centre earlier this week to test out these new sushi flavours and they were a hit with everyone who tried them.


Keep any eye out for more free tasting at umai coming soon!