100 images of Japan taken over 13 years by award-winning photographer Jason Hindley will be exhibited in London to raise money for the Japan Tsunami Appeal.
The images of backstreets, public spaces, and people going about their daily life reveal subtle details in an intimate and yet reserved manner, conveying a unique sense of everyday Japan, all taken by a person who has Japan close to them.
We at Japan Centre actively support Jason’s passion and empathy to Japan. A country we are inextricably linked to, they need all the help that we can give and this is a great opportunity to contribute.


JAFF is short for Japan Food Festival, a month long celebration in collaboration with JETRO and Japan Centre where we offer an insight into locally produced food from all over Japan.
Kanagawa prefecture is located in the central area of Japan, just west of Tokyo. It is most well known outside of Japan for the capital city, Yokohama, as well as where Commodore Matthew Perry arrived with his treaty to force Japan to open up to foreign trade in 1854. Because of this, Kanagawa has a large foreign influence in the food and culture and even a ramen musuem in Yokohama where you can see the history of the humble noodle.