What’s That? FREE Postage You Say?!


Yes, that really is right! Spend £60 pounds or more  online this weekend at at Japancentre.com and get free delivery to anywhere in the UK mainland.

This offer will only last a few days so now is a great time to stock up on all those kitchen cupboard essentials like rice, soy sauce, cooking sake and Japanese snacks.

Read on for the full conditions of this great offer!


• This offer is only valid for orders received from 00:00AM Friday 11th March to 11:59PM Sunday 13th March.

• Only orders with over £60 of items in the basket are eligible for free delivery. Packaging fees are not considered part of this £60 total.

• Free delivery is only offered for 1 box up to 30kg. This 30kg is inclusive of packaging weight.

• All free deliveries will be delivered by courier and arrive with you the following working day after dispatch. Chilled item orders are guaranteed to arrive before 12PM.

• All order are subject to a £1 (plus VAT if applicable) packing charge to cover the cost of the box and packaging materials.

• Any orders with chilled items are subject to £1 (plus VAT if applicable) packing charge and and additional £1.70 (plus VAT if applicable) to cover the costs of a polystyrene box and chilled gel packs.

• Please note that the delivery charge will still be displayed during the checkout stage, but we will remove the delivery cost before taking the payment.

• This offer only covers the UK mainland. Mainland addresses exclude Scottish Highlands, Northern Island and the Channel Islands.

If you have any questions about this offer, please send us an email to enquiry@japancentre.com

金・土・日(3月11日0:00 – 13日23:59)にオーダーをしていただいた方に配送無料サービス






配送オプション:発送後の翌営業日(24時間)中に配達(£4.95) /発送後の翌営業日正午前に配達(£7.45)

商品代以外にかかる料金:箱代 £1.00 (VAT抜き)


※何かご不明な点がございましたら enquiry@japancentre.comまでお問い合わせください。