Kimchi is a traditional Asian dish made from spicy fermented cabbage. Still here? Good, because kimchi tastes great and can be a perfect accompaniment to many Japanese recipes such as Yakiniku.

Ok fine, Kimchi is not Japanese, it is originally Korean (well, so is yakiniku if we are being picky), but it is a very popular side dish all over Asia including Japan due to its delicious taste and health benefits.  Let’s have a look at a recipe to see how you can make your own kimchi anytime.


… such a simple statement, but an important aspect of life for over half of the world’s population who eat rice everyday!

With a healthy amount of vitamin B, fibre and protein, rice gives you energy quickly and due to it being an easily digestible food, it is easy to see why such a large percentage of the world relies on this super grain.

That’s great, but –

If only it tasted a little bit more exiting!

I like rice, I can happily eat it is everyday. It goes very well with lots of different foods and soaks up the flavour of anything it is cooked with. Japanese people however, tend to eat plain old boiled white rice, which let’s be honest can do with a little more oomph to the flavour.

Even Japanese people know that there is more to rice than plain boiled rice, so there are a few different ways they have established to give rice some more excitement when you eat it everyday.



Matcha powder is the one of the most healthy green teas out there because you drink a powdered form of the actual tea leaf, unlike regular green tea which is simply an infusion of the leaves. Matcha goes perfectly with milk thanks to its smooth taste and is delicious hot or cold. It also contains some caffeine, so it will give you an instant pick me up at any time of day.


Giving gifts to people from different cultures can be a confusing practice and Japan is no exception to this.

There are a selection of unwritten rules related to giving and receiving gifts in Japan and following these can help to make good relationships with your Japanese friends, business colleagues or guests as well as show your appreciation for any hospitality that they have provided for you.