Matcha vs Sencha: Know Your Green Teas!


The same way that British people enjoy different varieties of tea, such as Earl Grey or Darjeeling, Japanese tea also has a huge range of different types, all with subtle differences in taste and aroma.

Although all these different varieties give us a great opportunity to sample all the exotic flavours, it can also make it difficult to choose which type of tea is the best choice for you.

Check out our guide to find out more about all the delicious types of Japanese green tea:


Sencha tea is a famous and popular tea due to the perfect balance of sweet and bitter flavours. This is one of the most common types of tea you will see when you drink green tea.

The other common type of tea which is popular with Japanese people to drink everyday is called Matcha. Matcha is a variety of tea where the lea leaves have been crushed into a fine powder which is simply mixed with hot water to make the tea. It is also used extensively in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony called Chado or Chanoyu. It is often made with the same type of tea leaves that are used to make Gyokuro.

Sencha and Matcha are the two types of teas that we would recommend the most for people looking for a healthy and delicious green tea.

Our recommended Sencha tea selection includes:
Shinzo Sencha Green Tea (Loose Leaf Variety)
Shinzo Sencha Green Tea (Tea Powder)

Our recommended Matcha tea selection includes:
Yamakaen Matcha Green Tea Powder (Tea Powder)
Hoshino Matcha Green Tea Powder (Tea Powder)


Hojicha tea is made using roasted tea leaves, giving it a mild taste with much less bitterness and a fantastic fragrance. This reddish-brown tea is very easy to drink.

Our recommended Hojicha selection includes:
Yamamotoyama Roasted Hojicha Green Tea (Loose Leaf Variety)
Takaokaya Roasted Hojicha Green Tea (Teabag Variety)


Gyokuro tea is an expensive type of tea which is grown in the shade of the sun to give it a naturally sweet aftertaste and soft aroma.
Drink Gyokuro tea slowly to savour the distinctive tastes.

Our recommended Gyokuro tea selection includes:
Ushijima Premium Gyokuro Green Tea (Loose Leaf Variety)


Genmaicha tea is green tea mixed with roasted brown rice. This fragrant, easy to drink tea is rich in vitamins and a great way to relax due to the lower caffeine content.

Our recommended Genmaicha tea selection includes:
Ushijima Premium Genmaicha Green Tea (Loose Leaf Variety)
Yamamotoyama Foil-wrapped Genmaicha Green Tea (teabag variety)