RECIPE: Onigiri Rice Balls



Onigiri are balls of rice usually wrapped with nori seaweed and have a meat or vegetable filling. Much like sandwiches in the West, onigiri are readily available in convenience stores accross Japan and are great for a quick and easy snack. The sticky rice is usually shaped into triangles or cylinders by hand or using a plastic mould. Aesthetically pleasing and really tasty, they are a healthy and suprisingly filling alternative to sandwiches for your lunchbox.


Japanese Rice – Approx. 65g of uncooked rice per onigiri
• Japanese Salt (OR regular salt)
Nori Seaweed (plain nori cut into strips, or ready-cut seasoned nori)
• Cooked Chicken -or- Cooked Salmon -or- Tuna Mayonnaise -or- Pickled Plums -or- Your choice of any other ingredients
Sesame Seeds (optional)
• Shiso – Perilla Leaf (optional)

Onigiri Plastic Mould


1. Begin by cooking the Japanese rice according to our sticky rice recipe.

2. With a small amount of salt sprinkled on your hands, mould the rice into small balls or triangles approximately 8cm wide.

3. Create a small hole in the centre of the rice and put in your choice of ingredients.

4. Using a sheet of nori seaweed, wrap up your ball of rice.

5. Sprinkle some sesame seeds or cut up shiso leaves on the rice for a little extra flavour (optional).

6. Your onigiri is now ready and will be a perfect addition to your bento lunch box!

Tips for Onigiri!
It is important to use Japanese sticky rice when you make onigiri so that the rice stays together in a triangle. You can use any type of ingredients when you make onigiri, try some different varieties and see which one you like the most.