How To Make Japanese Rice and Sushi Rice



Some fans of Japanese food may be unaware of how to cook Japanese rice correctly as many of us are brought up only cooking Indian rice, however the preparation is quite different. We will show you how to make great tasting rice, perfect for all Japanese dishes. On top of that, we’ll show you how to turn your rice into vinegared rice to make any type of healthy sushi. And remember, there’s no such thing as sushi rice – sushi can be made from any Japanese rice.


• 320g (2 small cups) of Japanese Rice
• Medium size sauce pan with a lid
• Measuring cup


1. Prepare Rice : Add the rice to a large bowl with plenty of water and leave for approximately 3 minutes. Drain the rice and throw away the water.

2. Wash Rice : Add plenty of water to the bowl then gently stir and mix the rice with your hand. Pour the water away when it becomes cloudy and keep the rice in the bowl with your hand and repeat up to 6-7 times or until the water becomes clear.

3. Boil Rice : Add the rice and 360ml of water to your sauce pan and put on the stove at maximum heat until the waterboils. Once the water boils, turn down the heat to minimum and let the rice simmer for about 10-13 minutes. (Make sure to keep the lid on the sauce pan at all times).

4. Steam Rice : Remove the sauce pan from the stove and leave the rice to steam for a further 10-15 minutes.

5. Serve and Enjoy : Once the rice has finished steaming, mix well with a shamoji, or Japanese rice paddle, and serve into bowls. You can then use a choice of toppings such as furikake, Japanese pickles or sauce for extra flavour.


Requirements: Sushi Vinegar 80ml
Optional: Wooden Sushi Bowl

To make sushi rice, the cooked rice needs to be mixed with sushi vinegar, which is Japanese rice vinegar mixed with salt and sugar. Mix 80ml of  sushi vinegar (or about 12% of the total cooked rice weight) with the rice. To get the best flavour, the vinegar needs to be folded into the rice while it is still warm. As you are mixing the rice and vinegar together, use a fan to cool the rice and remove the moisture. Your sushi rice is now ready to be used in all types of delicious sushi. For best results use a wooden sushi bowl (sushi oke) to mix and cool the rice.