Demonstration of Japanese Buddhist Cuisine November 8th


Buddhist Cuisine is little known outside of Asia, but is a traditional way of cooking that goes back hundreds of years and is still eaten by monks in Japan today. As Buddhists believe killing and eating animals or fish is wrong, the food is completely vegan. With the ascension of vegetarianism and veganism in the West, interest in Buddhist cuisine has also risen. Those following a macrobiotic diet could also learn a great deal from this style of cuisine which primarily consists of fresh seasonal vegetables and soy bean based ingredients.

A demonstration of Japanese Buddhist Cuisine (shojin ryori) will take place on 8th November presented by Mari Fijii who is a chef and author. She has taught Buddhist Cuisine for over 20 years in Japan and has recently been promoting her cooking in New York and Paris. This November, she is coming to London to share the unique dishes based on fresh vegetables, and staples such as seaweed, grains and tofu. It will be a nourishing experience for both body and soul. Date: 8th November Time: 12:00 – 2:00pm. Venue: MACROBIOTICAFE – 71 Regent Park Road, London NW1 8UY.

Japan Centre has teamed up with Atsuko’s Kitchen to offer a free bottle of Clearspring Organic Tamaki Sake to anyone who books a place at the demonstration. All you have to do to get yours is write “JapanCentre” in the promotional code box in the booking form. To book and for more information, please see Atsuko’s Kitchen website:

Shojin Ryori————Five Grain Gohan web


藤井まり先生 プロフィール

精進料理講師 ・ 神奈川県鎌倉市稲村ガ崎の在家寺「不識庵」庵主。
読売文化センター講師 ・NHK文化センター(青山)講師 ・日本総合医学会会員

禅僧であった夫、宗哲氏(僧侶、著述家、精進料理家)の 精進料理塾の裏方を20年以上務めた経験を活かし、日本各地で料理講習会、講演会を開く。
日本食の身体における合理性が諸外国でも認められ ニューヨークやパリでも日本食料理教室を開く。

『The Enlightened Kitchen』  講談社インターナショナル
『鎌倉・不識庵の精進レシピ 四季折々の祝い膳 』 河出書房新社
『いただきます。きもちも和む精進ごはん』 佼成出版社
『心にやさしい百歳食』 竹書房 /『心にやさしい精進料理』  竹書房
『心の食卓』 (共著)

日時    2009年11月8日(日) 正午〜午後2時
会場    マクロビオティック・カフェ店内 (
会費    35ポンド  (イベントの最後に試食があります。)

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