Japan Matsuri 2009, Spitalfields Sat 19th Sept


Japan Matsuri

Spitalfields (Liverpool Street) Saturday 19th September 2009 from 10am until 8pm

Join in a celebration of Japan and its rich culture, arts and crafts as we welcome the Autumn season at one of London’s most vibrant markets! Situated in the heart of the city, Spitalfields offers a unique spot for East to meet West.

Whether you are a londoner, missing home or have a bit of curiosity, this will be a fantastic opportunity for you to experience some of the most exciting entertainment in London, delight in exquisite Wa-shoku (Japanese cuisine) and get involved in as many interactive arts & crafts events as you can think of throughout the day.

Japan Centre will also be there providing food, drinks, sake, games and general Japanese-ness at the event. Entry is free and this is a great chance to enjoy a traditional Japanese-style festival.

We plan to have the current items available at our booth at the Japan Matsuri:

• Deep fried hot food such as chicken karaage and takoyaki.
• Gyoza dumplings.
• A variety of meat, fish and vegetarian sushi.
• Some Japanese bread such as melon bread, curry bread and sweet red bean bread
• Desserts include green tea flavoured brownies and rolls, as well as different types of Japanese puddings.
• A selection of Japanese beers and other alcoholic beverages including sake.
• Green tea will be served all day too.

We look forward to seeing you at the Japan Matsuri to celebrate 150 years of Anglo-Japanese relationships in style!