Latest JC Sale Newsletter – Boys Day


This week’s newsletter is all about Kodomo no Hi, or Boy’s Day, which is a national holiday in Japan held every year on the 5th of May. The day is set aside to celebrate children’s happiness as well as wishing that they will grow up healthy and strong. It is customary for families, especially those with sons, to fly carp-shaped flags outside as it is thought to drive away bad spirits.

In honour of this festival, we have put on offer some traditional treats such as mochi rice to make chimaki rice cakes, kinako and sweet bean cakes. On top of that, we have more modern sweets for the occasion that boys, girls and adults alike will equally love.

And if that’s not enough, we have some eternally popular items on sale like curry and rice, and some great new products to browse through!

Currently on sale!


Marukyo Assorted Traditional Cakes (Aji No Meisaku) 252g, 18 cakes

£4.29 £4.79 10% off! – Valid to: 29/04/09


Tohato Caramel Corn Bites (Caramel Corn) 91g

£1.19 £1.63 26% off! – Valid to: 29/04/09

Hakubai Sweet Mochi Rice (Mochi Kome)

Hakubai Sweet Mochi Rice (Mochi Kome) 2.27Kg

£5.25 £6.10 13% off! – Valid to: 29/04/09

Lotte Chocolate Pie Bites (Pai No Mi)

Lotte Chocolate Pie Bites (Pai No Mi) 81g

£1.45 £1.99 27% off! – Valid to: 29/04/09


Ozawa Hokkaido Black Soy Bean Flour (Kuromame Kinako) 100g

£1.45 £2.15 32% off! – Valid to: 29/04/09


Kasugai Crispy Prawn Peas (Ebipiina) 110g

£1.39 £1.79 22% off! – Valid to: 29/04/09

Ramune soda - a great Japanese summer drink!

Sangaria/Hatakosen/Shinsuisha Ramune 200ml

£1.19 £1.59 25% off! – Valid to: 29/04/09

S&B Torokeru Vegetarian Curry Sweet (Ama Kuchi)

S&B Torokeru Vegetarian Curry Range 200g

£2.27 £2.58 12% off! – Valid to: 29/04/09

Katokichi Microwaveable Rice (Takitate Gohan)

Katokichi Microwaveable Rice (Takitate Gohan) 200g

£1.29 £1.58 18% off! – Valid to: 29/04/09