Samurai Sushi Knives


Want to feel like a samurai in your own kitchen? Then journey to the West (End).

If you hate preparing your meals with the same blunt knife everyday, we have some unique knives that slice effortlessly through almost any food.

Each knife is handmade by the 25th generation of the Kanefusa family who have been making knives for over 700 years. They use the same method used to make samurai swords, by forging together high carbon steel for the edge, with soft iron for the body. The result is an extremely hard cutting edge that is so sharp that it can even preserve the freshness of the food being cut.

Unlike Western knives that often have a double-beveled cutting edge, only one side holds the cutting edge, which means there can be a cleaner cut, though more skill is required.  They are also corrosion resistant and are able to keep their sharpness for longer than most ordinary kitchen knives.

Prices range from £97.49 to £345.99.

In store only