Inside JC – Japanese Desserts


In the coming weeks we’ll be showing you more of what we offer in our London Piccadilly store. Stuff we just can’t send Online, but think makes us a pretty unique slice of Japan in the UK. This first post in the series gives you an introduction to our (seriously delicious!) handmade in store Japanese confectionery and bakery items.

Starting just under one year ago, our handmade confectionery range is going from strength to strength. Lead by our head chef Ms. Umikawa, an award winning Japanese pâtissier, our in store team whisks, blends, bakes and conjures up a huge range of amazing handmade seasonal Japanese cakes and desserts fresh for sale each day. The item in the main photo is a black sesame dessert, part of a range including kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) and melon. Other daily flashes of genius include Japanese Melon Pan, Dorayaki, An Pan, Curry Pan, Yakisoba Pan, Croquette Pan and a huge range of matcha based sweets and cookies, the list goes on… The perfect accompaniment to a nice fresh cup of green Sencha tea.