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Something Different – Regional Japanese Foods


Have you ever been on a food holiday? One where you travel around a country or region, trying all of the best and possibly most unusual local cuisine? In Japan, a food holiday could be one of the most adventurous things you will ever do, because every prefecture has different unique, unusual, and most importantly delicious, local cuisine. Let us take a look at five of Japan’s most well-known regional foods.

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Japanese Cooking Equipment Must-Haves

Sushi chef

Like an Italian cook without a pasta maker, a pastry chef without an oven or the owner of a chippy without a deep fryer, a Japanese cook would be lost without their special cooking equipment. Japanese cooking utilises saucepans and frypans and wooden spoons like most other types of cooking. However, there are a couple of slightly more unusual tools that are just as essential in the Japanese kitchen. Read on to find out more!

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Summer Sale Sensations! – Our Most Popular Items


Greetings, Inside Japan Centre readers! As you may or may not know, Japan Centre has been holding a sensational summer sale since last Monday (14/7/2014). The response so far has been simply staggering, and many of our more popular items have already sold out. We heartily recommend that anybody out there who has been planning to stock up on their favourite Japanese foods while they are on offer does so sooner rather than later, lest they all be sold out by the time you get there!

We have also noticed a couple of stand-out summer items that have been flying off the metaphorical shelves of our online shop. We would like to introduce a couple of these items to you now, so you can see for yourselves why they are so popular and how they could made your summer even more enjoyable!

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When to Travel in Japan – A Comprehensive Guide

flickr Steve-kun

So, you have decided that you cannot go on loving Japanese culture as much as you do without seeing the magnificent country for yourself. You’re saving your money, you’ve made a list of places you want to go, you’re assembling the travel companions, but then suddenly you pause, because you realise that you have no idea whether you are travelling at the most suitable time. What are the crowds like at that time of year? What is the weather like? Will you be able to go to all of the great places you want to go? What festivals will you catch, and which ones will you miss?

Never fear, brave traveller! Because we at Japan Centre hear your cry for help, and are happy to present to you this handy-dandy guide to year-long travel in Japan.

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Tanabata Festival – How Japan Celebrates Summer

flickr The Devil in the Detail

Ahh, Summer. Don’t you just love it? The sun shines for eighteen hours a day, the warm day beckons you to emerge from your indoor caves for at least a small amount of time, and steaming cups of green tea and warm sake are quickly replaced with ice cold matcha. And of course, there are the summer festivals! In Japan, the Tanabata festival is one of the most well-known and loved of the festivals. And since, until this Saturday (12/7/2014) only, Japan Centre has some fantastic festive themed items on offer, now is the perfect time to provide a rundown of the festival’s origins and where it is most joyously celebrated.

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20% Off Exclusive Offer – For Three Days Only!

Love Japanese food and love a bargain? Who doesn’t?! And if you order online at from 2/7/2014 to 4/7/2014, you can get 20% OFF all food items!


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Eat Healthy and Smart with 7 Diet Tips from Japan

Japan is famous for its long lived oldies, good looking citizens and healthy foods. Learn how you with our 10 easy tips.

Cookies & Milk1. 80% Rule

Hara hachi bunme or eating until you’re 80% full is a precept found in both Buddhism and Confucianism. It’s been taken to heart in Japan and as a result Japan has one of the lowest average BMI (body mass index) in the developed world.

High BMIs are linked to diseases like type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease, so having a healthy BMI will not only make you a bit more trim, it might also help you live longer! Eating to the 80% rule is also an easy way to calorie count without denying yourself your favourite foods.

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Shio-Koji – The Secret Marinade That’s Full of Flavour

Shio-Koji - The Secret Marinade That's Full of Flavour

Shio-koji has sweeping Japan by storm recently, but what is it? How can you use it? What makes it so delicious? Discover the secret marinade that you’ve loved all along!

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One Bird on a Shirt! Football in Japan

One Bird on a Shirt!

While the chances of ‘football coming home’ are looking dimmer for both England and Japan, you can still learn about how Japan does the great game and get some great offers on some great snacks!

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Essential Ingredients for Classic Dishes

Deliciously Essential Japanese Cooking Ingredients

Get the low down on just what to do with all those ingredients and which to use for your favourite Japanese dishes. Read More…


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