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Japanese Cooking Equipment Must-Haves

Sushi chef

Like an Italian cook without a pasta maker, a pastry chef without an oven or the owner of a chippy without a deep fryer, a Japanese cook would be lost without their special cooking equipment. Japanese cooking utilises saucepans and frypans and wooden spoons like most other types of cooking. However, there are a couple of slightly more unusual tools that are just as essential in the Japanese kitchen. Read on to find out more!

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Summer Sale Sensations! – Our Most Popular Items


Greetings, Inside Japan Centre readers! As you may or may not know, Japan Centre has been holding a sensational summer sale since last Monday (14/7/2014). The response so far has been simply staggering, and many of our more popular items have already sold out. We heartily recommend that anybody out there who has been planning to stock up on their favourite Japanese foods while they are on offer does so sooner rather than later, lest they all be sold out by the time you get there!

We have also noticed a couple of stand-out summer items that have been flying off the metaphorical shelves of our online shop. We would like to introduce a couple of these items to you now, so you can see for yourselves why they are so popular and how they could made your summer even more enjoyable!

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Shio-Koji – The Secret Marinade That’s Full of Flavour

Shio-Koji - The Secret Marinade That's Full of Flavour

Shio-koji has sweeping Japan by storm recently, but what is it? How can you use it? What makes it so delicious? Discover the secret marinade that you’ve loved all along!

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Essential Ingredients for Classic Dishes

Deliciously Essential Japanese Cooking Ingredients

Get the low down on just what to do with all those ingredients and which to use for your favourite Japanese dishes. Read More…

Must Try Heat Beating Cheats From Japan

Must Try Heat Beating Cheats From Japan

Phew, summer has finally arrived! If you’re already melting like a microwaved ice lolly, read on to learn how Japan beats the heat!

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Father’s Day Gift Round-Up


Father’s Day is rapidly approaching. If you’ve been struggling to find the perfect gift for someone special, why not take some inspiration from Japan and celebrate Father’s Day Japan style!

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It is here! Exclusive Online Savings at


For a limited time only, Japan Centre’s Online Shop is offering huge savings on some of our most popular items. Read on to find out more.

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Win A Trip For Two To Japan at F:EAST JAPAN 7 – 8 June


Don’t miss F:east Japan this weekend 7th – 8th June at Japan Centre Piccadilly. This weekend long event sees the store taken over by delicious food stalls, free craft workshops, food demonstrations and an amazing prize draw to win a trip for two to Japan courtesy of JAL and, as well as more fantastic prizes! For more event info and details on how to enter see the F:east Japan website.


EVENT: Free Tofu Tasting & Gift Event


 Free stuff, delicious food! What more could you want from a weekend? 

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Make Everything Delicious: How to use Japanese Mayonnaise

QP!Confounding, delicious. If you’ve got a bottle of Japanese mayo staring at you from the back of a cupboard or shelf, here’s how to use it.

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