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Funky New KitKat Flavours

kit kat banner

We’re delighted to have our paws on 7 wonderfully wacky new KitKat flavours. So dare to be a little different, and check out our stupendous selection at Japan Centre.

1. Matcha Green Tea

matcha green teaSince time immemorial, green tea has been the quintessential taste of East Asia. Now this unique and enchanting flavour is captured in KitKat form! Its beautiful green colouring is matcha’d (see what we did there) by the vibrant taste of green tea.

2. Wasabi

wasabiCasually start munching on one of these wasabi KitKats and you’re sure to leave your friends dumbfounded. Everyone’s favourite sushi condiment has the potential to knock your socks clean off, but in KitKat form it’s subtle and delicious.

3. Purple Sweet Potato 

purple sweet potatoHugely popular in Japan, the sweet potato is loved for its versatility and charming flavour. This zaney purple version is sweet and chic, a colourful KitKat that’s a glorious accompaniment to a nice cuppa tea.

4. Hojicha- Roasted Green Tea


The civilised flavour of roasted hojicha green tea is expertly captured in this sophisticated KitKat. We think of it as the ultimate in KitKat refinement, and thus the KitKat gentleman. 

5. Strawberry


If hojicha KitKat flavour is Stephen Fry, then strawberry is Katy Perry. Fun, flirty and full of flavour, this bubblegum pink KitKat is perfect for those of you with a sweet tooth.

6. Chilli

chilliThis fiery bad boy has really got us hot under the collar. Enticing dark chocolate with a chilli kick, this is one KitKat not to give to Nana.

7. Azuki Red Bean Sandwich

azuki red beanThis KitKat curveball is bound to get tongues wagging. The azuki red bean is a well loved little character that pops up in all sorts of sweet and savoury Japanese dishes. In its latest incarnation, it’s been popped in a sarny and transmorphed into a KitKat. What does it taste like? Only one way to find out.

 The zany, crazy and magical KitKats at Japan Centre make a wonderful addition to parties and- dare we say it- a cute and eclectic Christmas present. These are available in packs of 12, individually or in charming selection sets.

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The Art Of Nabe


Ahh the hot pot! The quintessential stake for the icy heart of winter. In Japan, one pot dishes, known as nabe, are well loved by wee nippers and toothless grandmas alike (and not just because they require minimal chewing.)

Let Japan Centre introduce you to the wonderful world of nabe!

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Swap Wine for Sake! 5 Classic Dishes and What to Pair Them With


Sake is delicious with Japanese food, but it’s fantastic with all kinds of food. Find out which classic non-Japanese dishes are simply amazing with sake!

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Weekly Hero Product: Matcha Cookie and Chocolate Pocky Crush

Greetings, Inside Japan Centre Readers!

As has been mentioned in previous blog posts, we in the Japan Centre online hub dedicate a lot of our time to bringing new and exciting Japanese foods, drinks, and other assorted groceries to for your online shopping pleasure. However, we are fully aware that the product page on is not always enough to showcase how great our items are. Therefore we are delighted to introduce Japan Centre Online Tries; a new segment of Inside Japan Centre where we try our newest or most popular items and give you a detailed report on the experience.

To kick things off, this post is dedicated to the most popular of our new Pocky flavours, the Matcha Cookie and Chocolate Pocky Crush (available in this set and this set)

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Explore Japan! Nagasaki

Nagasaki banner

Zoom into Japan! Every month, Japan Centre will be profiling locations around Japan, finding out what they’ve got to offer the hungry traveller. So come join us, and feast your eyes on some spectacular places!

First up- it’s Nagasaki.

Picturesque, culturally rich and offering splendid culinary delights, Nagasaki is a charming gem on the southern island of Kyushu.

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What is Miso and What are the Different Types?


If you are a fan of Japanese food and cuisine, or even if you have travelled to Japan, it is pretty certain that you have tried miso soup before. You may have tried instant miso, ready in less than a minute and available in a variety of flavours. Alternatively, you may have prepared “proper” miso, using miso paste. Or you may have been served a bowl along with your Japan Centre lunch. But how familiar are you with how miso is made and the ways in which the different types of miso are used?

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Celebrating Halloween in Japan


Fun costumes, wacky foods, street parades? As the country that invented Cosplay, raw horse meat flavoured ice cream and exuberant summer street festivals, there is no doubt that Halloween is right up Japan’s alley! Read on to discover how Halloween came to Japan and how it is celebrated there every year.

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This Saturday – Japan Matsuri 2014!


Do you love Japanese culture? Have you been aching for the chance to watch Japanese performing arts groups, learn about Japanese arts and crafts, stock up on adorable Japanese stationery and gifts, and enjoy delicious Japanese food? Can you come to London this Saturday? If so, then gather the family, friends and favourite cosplay outfits, because Japan Matsuri is here once more!

What is Japan Matsuri, you ask? Essentially, it is an enormous festival held once a year at Trafalgar Square, that gives the local Japanese community (consisting of Japanese expats, studiers of the Japanese language, employees in Japanese companies and anybody else interested in Japan) a chance to share aspects of Japanese culture with their family, friends, and anybody else who may be interested.

At Japan Matsuri you can expect to find an enormous variety of activities, performances and attractions. Do you love art and drawing? Then head over to the Manga Art stand and partake in manga drawing activities. Do you enjoy live performance? Try spending some time near the centre stage, where different exciting live performances will be happening all day, including Taiko Drumming, Noh Ballet and Piano, and J-Culture Fashion and Performance. And naturally, as lovers of Japanese food, there will be ample opportunities to stop by the Japan Centre stalls, where we will be offering tasty noodle dishes, takoyaki octopus dumplings, yakitori chicken skewers, gyoza dumplings, deep-fried karaage chicken, refreshing soft drinks, and more.

Interested? Excited? Then come on down to Trafalgar Square between 11am and 9pm this Saturday, 27th September. For more information, visit the Japan Matsuri website.

Japanese Autumn Foods


There is no doubt about it, Inside Japan Centre readers – Autumn is definitely upon us! The nights are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder, and the sunglasses are starting to gather dust from lack of use. But it’s not all bad, especially if you are a lover of Japanese food and flavours! Indeed, the Japanese have a saying: “Autumn is the season to eat”. This refers to the widely held belief that the best food Japan has to offer is produced in Autumn. Read on to learn more about some of Japan’s most loved Autumn foods.


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Let’s Pickle! All About Tsukemono


Pickles are an indispensable part of a traditional Japanese meal. Whether you’re having fukujinzuke with your curry, a pickled plum in your bento or some ginger with your sushi, pickles are the finishing touch to any meal! Read on to learn about some of our favourites.

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