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Fresh Food Tastes Better at Japan Centre umai


At umai by Japan Centre, we believe that fresh food tastes better.
That’s why we make sure that all our ingredients come from the highest quality sources and are as fresh as they can be, as well as taking extra steps to ensure all our food meets your highest expectations.

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Japan Centre Donations for the Japan Earthquake Recovery: UPDATE



We have still been receiving donations over the last few weeks and have reached a new total of £26,093.17. This is a fantastic sum to reach so thank you so much to everybody who has so generously donated through Japan Centre to such a good cause.



The total amount we received for donations for the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami appeal has reached a massive £23,462.67. Everything we have received has been sent to Japan with the British Red Cross.

Thank you again for being so generous, we are happy that the customers at Japan Centre are so quick to help with this cause.


Japan Centre really has some very generous customers!

We have received a total of £18,262.67 in donations from everyone since the earthquake and tsunami disaster that hit Japan on March 11th. The total raised just from online customers was £5,530, a £5,000 donation from Japan Centre as a company and the rest was collected from donation boxes placed in our shops.

This is a fantastic amount and we will be sending to Japan through the Red Cross to reach the people who need it the most.

Thank you again for all you support.

Two Delicious New Sushi Rolls at umai Japan Centre


I love sushi, and always like to see new and exciting ingredients being used to create great tasting sushi.

Luckily, somebody very special at umai by Japan Centre has excellent taste in ingredients and has come up with two new sushi rolls that are guaranteed to tickle your tastebuds!

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Supporting Japan Through Art Photography Exhibition

100 images of Japan taken over 13 years by award-winning photographer Jason Hindley will be exhibited in London to raise money for the Japan Tsunami Appeal.

The images of backstreets, public spaces, and people going about their daily life reveal subtle details in an intimate and yet reserved manner, conveying a unique sense of everyday Japan, all taken by a person who has Japan close to them.

We at Japan Centre actively support Jason’s passion and empathy to Japan. A country we are inextricably linked to, they need all the help that we can give and this is a great opportunity to contribute.

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Help Our Friends Help Japan


Many of Japan Centre‘s friends are organising some great events to help the cause in Japan by collecting money for donations.

These music and dnace performance events will be a fun evening for a fantastic cause, so check them all out and see if you can show your support by attending.

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JAFF: Japan Food Festival Vol.02: Kanagawa Prefecture


JAFF is short for Japan Food Festival, a month long celebration in collaboration with JETRO and Japan Centre where we offer an insight into locally produced food from all over Japan.

Kanagawa prefecture is located in the central area of Japan, just west of Tokyo. It is most well known outside of Japan for the capital city, Yokohama, as well as where Commodore Matthew Perry arrived with his treaty to force Japan to open up to foreign trade in 1854. Because of this, Kanagawa has a large foreign influence in the food and culture and even a ramen musuem in Yokohama where you can see the history of the humble noodle.

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