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Wait, Children Get Their Own Holiday in Japan?


Yep, their very own holiday, crazy isn’t it! :)

Like Hina Matsuri, the holiday catering for young girls, Kodomo no Hi was originally called Tango no Sekku, an annual holiday and celebration for young boys. Although now a celebration for all children, indeed Kodomo no Hi means children’s day in Japanese, it still retains a masculine feel with displays of warriors in armour and koi fish flags called koinobori to represent strength. However, Kodomo no Hi is now mainly a national holiday celebrated on the 5th of May and a day when people celebrate the happiness of children and wish them success in their lives.

Read on for Japan Centre‘s favourite part of every holiday festival… the delicious Japanese food!

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What is Miso and What are the Different Types?


What is Miso?

Nearly everyone has tried miso soup before, whether the instant variety from powdered miso, by using real miso paste, or maybe even for lunch at Japan Centre, but how familiar are you with how miso is made and what the different types are suitable for?

Miso is made by fermenting a selection of soy beans, rice, barley and wheat together to create a thick, textured paste. Not all miso contains all these ingredients so they are used in varying amounts, which helps not only with the fermentation process, but also serves to create different types of miso, all with subtle, or sometimes not so subtle differences in appearance and taste.

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