Many of you out there might know about Japan Centre’s wide range of sushi, but maybe not about our Japanese style bakery. At 6.30 every morning our staff start to bake a unique selection of breads that would never be seen in a British bakery. As in the picture above, some of our breads shaped in characters that you may recognise – Totoro, Hello Kitty, An-Pan Man and Doraemon – each with chocolate, custard or red bean filling. They almost look too good to eat!



At the Southbank Centre. Sat 6th & Sun 7th June 2009


Kodo returns to London, direct from Sado Island, with a performance never seen outside Japan. Ekkyo: Trans-border features premier dancer, Chieko Kojima, alongside fresh dance, vocal and drum compositions. Lavish costumes, huge drums, and Kodo’s legendary precision and power deliver an exotic synthesis that explores new territories, and the boundaries between. Visually stunning and thunderous, one experiences Kodo with the whole body. A thrill for all ages!