Picnic Perfect It's Hanami Season

Picnic Perfect – It’s Hanami Season

Could it be? Is that a hint of Spring!? While the U.K. looks forward to finding out exactly how soggy the Easter bank holiday will be, Japan’s eyes turn to ...

Popin' Cookin'!

Oh My Gummy! Let’s Make Popin’ Cookin’

  Have you heard of popin’ cookin’? This candy craze has been sweeping the internet (well the tumblr-y, youtube-y parts anyway) where you use a kit to make your own ...

Free Delivery Over £75!

Free Delivery Over £75!

Spend more on the things you like and less on the rest! Spend over £75 online at Japan Centre and you’ll get FREE Standard or Before Noon Delivery to anywhere in the U.K. mainland. This offer ...


Umami Revealed

Umami Revealed: Unlock the Secrets of Your Taste Buds with Dashi

Dashi is a very commonly used ingredient in Japanese cooking. But what ...

Super Fruit, Super Flavour: Discover Yuzu!

Sound the klaxons another ‘superfood’ has arrived! But what is yuzu and ...
Cafe Culture

Cafe Culture

From venerable roots in the Ottoman Empire to the modern matcha latte, ...

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Acton Trade Counter Closes After 27th April

Thank you for your custom!
Due to SHORYU kitchen expansion, we will be closing the Acton trade counter after 27th APR.
We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers over the years! 
You can still use the Acton trade counter as an online collection point and gold members cards can be used for online shopping.
Should you have any questions, please email: acton@japancentre.com

New From Japan – Refresh Yourself

New From Japan - Refresh Yourself


If you ask a Japanese person what best represents summer for them, along with cicadas, summer matsuri (festivals) and yutaka,  ramune is sure to get a mention! Ramune is an incredibly iconic soft drink, but it’s not the only one. We recently added loads of cool new drinks to Japan Centre, so take a look at all the new flavours!

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Make Mother’s Day Special with Gifts from Japan

Mother's DayMother’s Day is around the corner and if you’re past the age of scribbly cards (what are we saying, scribbly cards are also brill) you may be looking for a way to make someone’s day a bit more special than lovingly made burnt toast. Never fear! We’ve picked out all the coolest stuff from Japan that’s sure to be loved by mums, nanas, aunties and all around awesome special people on Mother’s Day.

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Japan Centre Supports VAMPS At KOKO London – WIN TICKETS!

Calling all rock fans, this is a competition you will not want to miss. VAMPS, the Japanese rock band formed by and featuring HYDE (L’Arc~en~Ciel) and K.A.Z (Oblivion Dust), will return to the UK for a one-off headline show on March 28th at KOKO, Camden and Japan Centre have 5 pairs of tickets up for grabs!

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Kanpai! Top 5 Sake Taste Test

Kanpai Top 5 Sake Test

In our continuing quest to bring you only the very finest in Japanese food, drink and culture, Japan Centre recently pitted 5 of our favourite sakes against each other to find out which would become the sake champ! Plus, we’ll take you through a few of the more popular sake styles available. Great for making you look like a super brain next time you’re enjoying some sake with friends!

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Supporting Japan Three Years On: Charity Events

tohoku earthquake charity events

On 11th March 2014 it will be exactly three years since the devastating Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami [東北地方太平洋沖地震] destroyed part of north-eastern Japan. This event changed people’s lives in just one moment and resulted in large-scale loss of lives, with many others displaced and made homeless. Over the past few years Japan Centre and our generous customers have donated over £27,000 to the relief effort helping those effected get back on their feet. This year we will again place donation boxes at our checkouts from 4th March, the proceeds of which will go directly to the continuing relief effort.

This year many events are taking place over the coming months to raise money and / or awareness for continued support to the devastated area, below we detail them.

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You’re A Doll, Empress: Everything for a Happy Hina Matsuri!

You're A Doll, Empress: Everything for a Happy Hina Matsuri!

Held on the 3rd of March every year, Hina Matsuri is a day on which families across Japan wish for health and happiness for their young daughters. Perhaps most famous for the beautiful arrangements of hina-ningyo dolls that are displayed in homes or at certain shrines, Hina Matsuri means dolls’ festival. Hina Matsuri is not just about beautiful dolls, though. There’s also loads of delicious food too! So scroll down to learn all about the essentials you need to make a Hina Matsuri meal fit for an empress!

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Valentine’s I Love You!

Valentine's I Love You

As we hurtle towards February 14th, we can’t help but notice everything’s getting a bit pinker and bit more soft and fluffy, a bit more heart shaped. Even Japan Centre! What gives? Valentine’s Day is a popular event in Japan and even though it originated in the West, Japan has some special customs to celebrate the day! So whether you’re looking to get loved up Japanese style or say ‘bah humbug!’ to Valentine’s but want to learn something new, join as we take a stroll down romance lane to discover how Japan says ‘I love you’ on Valentine’s day!

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Bento Fun

Bento Fun!

The half-term hols are just around the corner, but with wet weather on the horizon and only so many hours of ‘powerful rangers’ that anyone can enjoy, why not make bento your half-term project for you and your kids?

With lots to learn, fun recipes to try and even the possibility of a bento picnic if the weather does co-operate bento make a great holiday project. Plus, unlike other holiday activities you’ll still be able to use all the bits during term time when the ‘big kids’ take over lunch duties. If you want to learn about Japan’s amazing answer to packed lunches, read on and see how you can make bento fun your holiday project!

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Collect Your Japan Centre Online Orders From Our Acton Shop!


After a number of requests, we can finally give you guys the chance to pick up your online orders directly from the Japan Centre North Acton Shop. No more worries about being at home and waiting for the postman to arrive. No more problems with the courier company tickling your door with a feather, stuffing a “Sorry you were out” note through your door and then escaping at high speed before you can get to the door! Just a simple and hassle-free way for you to get your favourite Japanese foods, when you want.

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