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The Art of Onsen- Hot Spring Bathing in Japan

Bubbling up throughout the Japanese Archipelago, hot spring pools pepper the landscape. Join Japan Centre, as we submerge ourselves into the steamy world of Japanese onsen.

10% off Christmas Gifts

10% Off ALL Spectacular Christmas Gifts at Japan Centre Online! Limited Time Only!

The season of generosity is upon us! At Japan Centre, we’re joining in by offering 10% off ALL our gifts. Hurry though, this amazing offer ends on the 26th of ...

Marvel at Mochi

Marvel at Mochi

Mochi mochi mochi! The sticky treat from Japan that’s gaining popularity around the world. Join Japan Centre, as we dive into the gooey, squishy and delicious world of mochi madness.


Christmas Delivery

Delivery by Christmas and New Year

Get your gifts in time for the big day! We love doing ...
Gekkeikan Sake

Glorious Gekkeikan Sake

Holding the prestigious claim as one of the world’s oldest companies, Gekkeikan ...
Come See Us! 2014 Dates

Japan Centre Near You! Events Calendar 2014

  You need not practice your cockney and brave London town to ...

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Party Time! Christmas Party Food at Japan Centre

Christmas Party

Like a bulging Christmas cracker ready to explode, Japan Centre is bursting with dazzling options for your Christmas parties. So do something a little different this year, and bring a flavour of Japan to your Christmas celebrations.

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The calendar in Japan is brimming with colourful cultural occasions. One that’s particularly special is Shichi-Go-San, the festival on the 15th of November that serves as rite of passage for kids all over Japan. Join Japan Centre as we look further into  this charming event.

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Grow A Mo Like A Samurai! COMPETITION

Movember Challenge

This is for all you lovely lads taking part in the glorious tradition of Movember this year. At Japan Centre, we want to see if you’ve got the spirit of the samurai in you! Visit our Twitter site, tweet @JapanCentre your best samurai Mo and accompanying warrior face. The winner will receive Thomas Cleary’s ‘Samurai Wisdom,’ the essential book of samurai lessons and warrior culture, as well as a rewarding cup of Gekkeikan sake. Don’t forget to #samuraimo. Need Mo inspiration? Read on.

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Christmas Prezzie Potentials

Christmas Prezzie Potentials

Plan ahead for the festive holidays! Here at Japan Centre, we’ve got everything you need for the most glorious Christmas gifts. Bring a flavour of Japan to your presents this year, and let us guide you through our ultimate gift selection.

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Funky New KitKat Flavours

kit kat banner

We’re delighted to have our paws on 7 wonderfully wacky new KitKat flavours. So dare to be a little different, and check out our stupendous selection at Japan Centre.

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Top 5 Monsters in Japan

Top 5 monsters in Japan

To celebrate Halloween, we’re hovering our all-seeing magnifying glass over the wicked world of Japan’s monsters! From froggy foes to skeletal scoundrels, Japan Centre’s got you covered.

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The Art Of Nabe


Ahh the hot pot! The quintessential stake for the icy heart of winter. In Japan, one pot dishes, known as nabe, are well loved by wee nippers and toothless grandmas alike (and not just because they require minimal chewing.)

Let Japan Centre introduce you to the wonderful world of nabe!

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Swap Wine for Sake! 5 Classic Dishes and What to Pair Them With


Sake is delicious with Japanese food, but it’s fantastic with all kinds of food. Find out which classic non-Japanese dishes are simply amazing with sake!

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Weekly Hero Product: Matcha Cookie and Chocolate Pocky Crush

Greetings, Inside Japan Centre Readers!

As has been mentioned in previous blog posts, we in the Japan Centre online hub dedicate a lot of our time to bringing new and exciting Japanese foods, drinks, and other assorted groceries to japancentre.com for your online shopping pleasure. However, we are fully aware that the product page on japancentre.com is not always enough to showcase how great our items are. Therefore we are delighted to introduce Japan Centre Online Tries; a new segment of Inside Japan Centre where we try our newest or most popular items and give you a detailed report on the experience.

To kick things off, this post is dedicated to the most popular of our new Pocky flavours, the Matcha Cookie and Chocolate Pocky Crush (available in this set and this set)

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Explore Japan! Nagasaki

Nagasaki banner

Zoom into Japan! Every month, Japan Centre will be profiling locations around Japan, finding out what they’ve got to offer the hungry traveller. So come join us, and feast your eyes on some spectacular places!

First up- it’s Nagasaki.

Picturesque, culturally rich and offering splendid culinary delights, Nagasaki is a charming gem on the southern island of Kyushu.

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